Women express confusion and mixed feelings over the Draft Marriages Bill of 2019

By Busi Bhebhe

Women have shown some confusion over the contents of the Draft Marriages Bill of 2019 which harmonises marriage unions in Zimbabwe and for the first time ever, seeks to provide legal recognition of civil partnerships, what has been mainly called co-habitation in the past. 

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Women miners join national clean-up campaign

By Takudzwa Mahove @josfisher92 

Zvishavane - Since the beginning of time women have had the unspoken role of keeping their communities and homes clean. As such  they have made a mark on the hygienic front keeping their homes and environments clean as the sole care givers.

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Women's Month Special: Unique Zimoto, giving a voice to young people

By Buhle Mhlanga-@tshatshazilakhe

"There’s no limit to what we as women can accomplish." Michelle Obama

Unique Zimoto is a Development practitioner ,TV personality and radio personality by passion and profession and she’s also the Director of Orbit youth Organisation,Producer of TV  and Radio talkshow for young people.Orbit international youth Organisation  creates a space and platform where young people are celebrated.

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Editorial Comment: Keeping pregnant girls in school could bring more future pros than cons

By Nomthunzi Mpofu

"Zonelwa mvu yinye” which has a similar meaning to the adage which goes “a bad apple spoils the barrel”, comes to many a parent's mind when asked if they believe pregnant girls should be allowed to continue in the formal school system. 

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Women's Month Special: Faith Mvududu passionate about young women

 By Buhle Mhlanga - @tshatshazilakhe

"Some nations do not have lack of strategies and ideas, they have a shortage of implementers, whether socially economically, politically or culturally especially in the advocacy of policies that assist in the execution of strategic plans. Women naturally have a stronger conscience of issues of tommorow ,rather than the benefits of today. Women arise and be involved.

Happy Women's Month"

-Faith Mvududu

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Women applaud introduction of mobile TB clinics

By Precious Moyo

The government of Zimbabwe has introduced mobile tuberculosis (TB) screening services to rural areas that have been identified as TB burdened after noting that such communities experience challenges in accessing health services.

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Misunderstanding of custom of lobola leading to cases of GBV

By Lungile Moyo- @luequeen, and Loveness Nyathi- @lovie1988

Lobola as a traditional custom is recognised and practiced by many African cultures and even other ethnicities beyond the African continent. However over the years, with a rise on cases of domestoc violence some have blames the practice of lobola as the reason behind some male partners treating their wives or partners as commodities. 

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Women prisoners need community support

By Pamela Moyo

The Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services has called for women’s organisations to participate in empowering imprisoned women.

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Female Philanthropist seeks to empower Children living with Hydrocephalus

By Loveness Nyathi -@lovie1988

Born and bred in Bulawayo a business woman turned philanthropist, Lynn Ndlovu (43) is appealing for assistance from the public and the government to build a clinic and school for children living with hydrocephalus.

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Gwanda organisation promotes women's constitutional rights

By Loveness Nyathi

THE adoption of a new Constitution in 2013 brought with it a new wave of gender equality laws that had previously not been there, giving hope to women of much needed equality in all spheres of society.

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Women's month Special: Emelda Vhiriri a woman of many passions

By Buhle Mhlanga -@tshatshazilakhe

Emelda Vhiriri is the of Founder Cultiv8 Africa,  Acting Director for ROOTS as well as the Chairperson Young Women's forum for the Women's coalition of Zimbabwe and Co-Chair Southern African Youth Forum (SAYoF SADC).

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Women informal traders may take risks to cross the borders due to cancellation of emergency passports and delays in ordinary passports

By Buhle Mhlanga - @tshatshazilakhe

Women in Bulawayo, especially those involved in trading, have expressed worry over the delays in the issuing of passport by the government saying this is opening them up to all forms of risks to cross the borders. This has been exacerbated by reports that there is no longer the issuing of emergency passports. 

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Women's Month Special: Patience Phiri, stands against all odds to empower other women

By Buhle Mhlanga

AT first glance, it may seem that successful people especially women have been given the easy ticket in life. From adoring fans to tons of money and unwavering success, the life of a victorious woman has been one envied for decades.

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