Brand new TV talk show "Pink ‘n’ Purple" celebrates Zim Women’s talents

Pink ‘n’ Purple, a new show celebrating women and their talents has started airing on Zimbabwe's only national TV station ZBC TV on Wednesdays at 7pm.

Pink ‘n’ Purple a talk show that premiered last week Wednesday, is produced by ONVI TV which has produced other television projects, films, music videos and documentaries. ONVI TV is an online media production company which supports the growth of local arts and entertainment through visual story telling.

Pink ‘n’ Purple gives women a platform to tell their own stories and inspire other women. The full season talk show was shot in June this year before ZBC approved its airing on the channel.

Amakosikazi media caught up with Princess Mpofu, the host of the show who is also a National University of Science and Technology(NUST) Journalism and Media Studies graduate.  

Mpofu said Pink ‘n’ Purple seeks to recognise women who are doing the most in male dominated industries like mining and entrepreneurship. The show recognises every woman making a difference in their daily lives.

“I have spent the last 3years developing my skills as a presenter. I was a presenter for a YouTube show called the Run up (ONVI TV) which is how my passion for presenting emerged. My Director, Mthabisi Onias came up with an idea to do a talk show and suggested I become the presenter,” said Mpofu.

“Hosting the show gives me the opportunity to create change in people’s lives and that for me is satisfying. It’s an honour to have a chance to realise and support today’s empowered young women who are making history,” Mpofu said.

Mpofu said she worked with an amazing team and the production experience was fun. The Pink n' Purple production team members included Hanganani Nleya, Takudzwa Mandiringa, Dumi Tshuma, Renee Seckel (makeup artist), Ntombiyomusa Ndlovu and Daphne Bukani. 

Amakhosikazi media caught up with some of the women who worked with Mpofu on the production.

Daphne Bukani (34) a creative hairstylist with 10years experience and owns a shop called “The look by Bubu” which is along Herbert and 9th avenue in Bulawayo said, “Pink ‘n’ Purple is about a woman and every girl child in society.  It’s about empowerment. I don’t regret meeting all those women on set, it was an honour to work with all of them, I learnt a lot and I would do it again.”

Ntombiyomusa Ndlovu (21), also a NUST student, studying Banking and investment management said “Shooting Pink ‘n’ Purple was one of the most exciting things I have ever done in the industry, from growing with the team up to producing a full season talk show,” She added.

Ndlovu said “Pink n’ Purple is about women’s journeys in their careers and spreading their inspiration to all young ladies out there, who feel their  dreams are too big to come true. We want people to be able to tell their stories and be proud of who they are."

Ndlovu said she wanted young ladies to learn to make their mark, make a name for themselves and not to depend on anyone.

Reflecting on her experiences, Bukani said, “I miss the studio adrenalin. The laughs and all the guests who came on the show. They had amazing stories about their lives, where they started and where they are heading. Some women were young, but they have done great work.” 

Catch Pink n' Purple on ZBC TV every Wednesday at 7pm with repeats on Thursdays at 12pm.