Many women do not know about International Women's Day and what it is for

by Shamiso Chigonde

International Womens day, yes it's here and has been celebrated for over a century. Women have been advocating for equality and gender sensitivity yet the results have failed to be satisfactory. 

Are women doing enough or missing the point when it comes to preaching the gospel of equality. How many women know about women's day, why it's celebrated and by whom.

Some know about the day because they are journalists tasked by their media house to write a story about it, which they might do without enthusiasm. Others work for organizations hosting campaigns on the day, beyond that there is nothing more.

Then there are those who have never seen the door of classroom,  have no data capable phone nor a television or radio to access information from. What is being done about that one woman who doesn't even know what #BalanceforBetter means?

Amakhosikazi Media spoke to a few citizens just to find out how much the ordinary woman knows about International Womens Day. A police officer named Juliet said that she had never really heard about the day until this year, "I did not know anything about Womens day until I saw it on my sister's status I had to ask her and at first I thought that it was just a public holiday," she said.

A young man, Prince Purazeni also said that he thought that the day was important as it is a chance to appreciate the love from our beloved sisters, mothers and lovers and it wipes out the stereotyping against women. Women and men are equal, females and males are treated equally where I work" he said.

Other gentlemen however disagreed saying women get too much recognition and attention which they do not deserve. 

Women who are vendors also said though they knew about the day, it was just like any other day to them. They argued that women can never be equal to men as there are other things they can do.

Coezett Chirinda Justice for Women Zimbabwe director said although there is still much to be done there is need for appreciation for what has already been even though there are still challenges on the way.

"In terms of reaching out and educating the ordinary woman about Womens day and equality I feel we have done a lot the major set back being the situation in the country be it political or economical," she said.

Celebrating women and advocating for equality is not a one day thing and the United Nations Secretary General is on record encouraging women to take part in decision making for things that affect them.

"Let’s make sure women and girls can shape the policies, services and infrastructure that impact all our lives. And let’s support women and girls who are breaking down barriers to create a better world for everyone." UN Secretary-General, António Guterres reportedly said.