CDF funds must cater for sectoral needs: Women.

 By Loveness Nyathi

WOMEN from Luveve Constituency last week said they would have loved to benefit from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) as they are the ones who suffer the most in the community.

Giving a report back to residents last week at Beithall in Old Luveve, the Member of Parliament for Luveve Constituency Mrs Stella Ndlovu said the CDF of  RTGS $50 000 will go to Cowdray Park Primary for the school to buy books as it will benefit the communities at large.

Asked how women would benefit from the CDF, Honourable Ndlovu said the fund is supposed to benefit everyone in the community not women only and by buying books for children parents would also benefit.

"I will invite Women's bank representatives so that women in our Constituency can benefit from the bank". "RTGS$50 000 is not enough to cover the whole constituency", she said.

Amakhosikazi Media spoke to a number of women who had attended the MPs report back meeting who said they would have loved to benefit directly from the CDF but since it went to buy books for the school it sits well with them as it will improve their children's pass rate.

Suku Ndlovu a Gwabalanda resident said as women they want a project that will cover the woman and girl child.

"We also need a Police Post that will house police officers in our ward 16; we only have Luveve station and it is too far for wome7

n", she added.

A 33 year old woman from Cowdray Park suburb said she would be happy if young girls benefited from the fund as economic situations are hard and buying pads for them was going to be appreciated.

She also said has no problem with Cowdray Park Primary being beneficiaries of the CDF because the school really needs the books.

"Mina bengilesifiso sokuthi abafelokazi ngabe bayathola imali ezinjengalezi njengoba sigcina intandane" (I wish that widows could get a fund like this to support us as we are taking care of orphans), said Maria Ndlovu a 60 year old widow from Old Luveve.

"I $30 ye NSSA ayeneli njalo ayikhuphuki, kumele sincediswe ukuze senelise ukubhadala amanzi lamagetsi" (The $30 given by NSSA is not enough and is not being increased. We need assistance to be able to pay bills), she added.

Sibanda in distress also pleaded with the authorities to hear their cry as widows as they cannot even afford to pay medical fees.