We were clueless on marriage laws: How Mine Women

By Loveness Nyathi 

 Women in Umzingwane District's WARD 18  have said they were clueless about marriage types in Zimbabwe.

Speaking at a meeting organised by Inkanyezi Development Trust in How Mine on Thursday, the women said with the knowledge attained they now have a clue on marriages in terms of the law. 

Addressing the meeting, Mr Nkawu of People's Legal Foundation, told the women that there are only three (3) recognised marriages in Zimbabwe.

He said they are Chapter 5.11 formerly chapter 37, Customary Marriage/507 and Unregistered Customary law (where only lobola is paid).

Mr Nkawu also said that a marriage certificate is important because it is for security reasons.

"Make sure when you leave here you register all your properties and know what you and your husband owns or have", added Nkawu.

"A marriage certificate is important because it protects a woman and her children when the father passes on",he said.

Nyasha Seremani from How Mine said she was clueless on marriage types in the country and now she is knowledgeable.

"I was clueless on marriage types and property rights", " I now know the advantages of being in a registered marriage", she said.

"Sengikwazi ukuthi kumele ngihlale ngilungise amaphepha omtshado njalo nxa ngikhala kumele ngingalahli ithemba".

"I have also learnt that I have to protect my children in case I remarry because if I get married for the second time the second husband is entitled to inherit my property instead of my children if I die", said Marilyn Ngwenya(36) from Worringham.

Asked why they chose to implement the programme in How Mine, Sibakhele Tshuma Programmes Officer for IDT said the compound is a high risk catchment area likely to suffer from human rights issues without knowledge.

"We purposely chose ward 18 How Mine compound simply because its a high risk catchment area likely to suffer from these challenges without knowledge of how to tackle them once faced with them.

Its a mining compound and a lot happens hence the need for rights awareness on marriage rights, property rights and inheritance issues", said Tshuma.

Well what we had gone there for was achieved in a round table manner hence giving the opportunity for congregants to ask questions", she added.

Those who attended included a representative from Women Affairs, a youth officer for Ward 18 and people from surrounding areas.