Women's Month Special: Faith Mvududu passionate about young women

 By Buhle Mhlanga - @tshatshazilakhe

"Some nations do not have lack of strategies and ideas, they have a shortage of implementers, whether socially economically, politically or culturally especially in the advocacy of policies that assist in the execution of strategic plans. Women naturally have a stronger conscience of issues of tommorow ,rather than the benefits of today. Women arise and be involved.

Happy Women's Month"

-Faith Mvududu

Faith Mvududu, (27) is a passionate and hardworking woman. She has been part of processes  that entails the participation of young women in governance processes especially from the church, as she grew up being told the mandate of a woman is to be in submission and not ask questions, lest she be seen as a rebel with a Jezebel spirit. However the Bible also talks about a woman called Deborah who led the nation of Israel to victory. “That is whom I associate myself with. Fearless and full of wisdom”. She says. 

Her passion is that when other young women who grew up in limiting systems as she did in the church to  break out and fulfil their purpose and breaking against the prison of fear and intimidation. Her special Gratitude to National Association of Youth Organizations ( NAYO) that saw her potential. She became a member of NAYO under Women of Prayer Zimbabwe. NAYO connected her to many other organizations and people that share the same drive. In life we need such people and organizations to be propelled into a global village of change drivers.

Currently she is a student at Zimbabwe Open University studying towards a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Development Studies. This she believes will capacitate and equip her with information that will be relevant in articulation of societal issues that need solutions. She believes that development starts with an individual and brushes onto others. Creating a ripple effect of responsible and involved citizens in their day to day life  that will feed into a national vision of sustainable development. She also desires her life to show that prayer without action is not enough to bring change.

she says. “I want to be part of an ecosystem that brings a voice and value to what a woman really is despite having to say no to boundaries in her destiny.”

Faith is also a motivational speaker and a member of many organizations.

“What inspired me is the plight of women in society,” she said. “I am referring to the marginalized women in decision making processes and leadership in public office.”

She says she seeks to be that epitome of referral that if another woman could do it then any other woman can do it as well.

“I want to be that voice in issues that affect women and young people in matters that affect them socially economically politically and culturally,” she says. “Women's month means not a set number of days with margins to recognise the value of a woman in society but an awareness strategy that a woman matters and her ideas are of paramount importance in any sphere she may be in.”