Women's Month Special: Unique Zimoto, giving a voice to young people

By Buhle Mhlanga-@tshatshazilakhe

"There’s no limit to what we as women can accomplish." Michelle Obama

Unique Zimoto is a Development practitioner ,TV personality and radio personality by passion and profession and she’s also the Director of Orbit youth Organisation,Producer of TV  and Radio talkshow for young people.Orbit international youth Organisation  creates a space and platform where young people are celebrated.

The organisation is doing this through 4 main pillars creating a youth TV and radio show that exposes young people making a difference in different communities..Showcasing their potential and talent.

They’re in the process of creating a youth resource center for young people to learn vocational skills  especially business on demand in their communities. They have also just started paying a community teacher in Binga to start teaching kids.

Soon they’ll  be adopting kids from that school in Binga paying their fees.

Miss Zimoto loves young people because they represent hope..they represent creativity and life!!She  realised youth didn't have a platform to be celebrated in the media spaces thus Orbit Youth talkshow that airs on ZBC and our digital radio show Morning Latte shows the world exactly what young people are all about!!

Unique says, "Women's month is about celebrating the true definition of strength!! Seeing what all women go through and the key role they play in the society really makes me personally proud to be a woman."

This year is about balance for better . it's time we stop fighting with men but build our way to the top making no excuses and let's break that glass ceiling!!