Culture hindering women's full participation in Matobo district

By Makhosi N. Sibanda

The Ministry of Women Affairs, Community, Small and Medium Enterprise Development has expressed concern that cultural practices are hindering Matobo district women from participating in developmental and political decision-making.

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The Last Ndebele ‘King’: Queen Lozikeyi

By Natasha Fuyane

I was reflecting on the women that through time, I have admired and aspire to emulate. They generally have had an independent streak, an unmatched industriousness, quick wit and the ability to make you straighten your back when they enter the room. They effortlessly occupy their space and cannot be ignored. They get stuff done.

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Ten year jail term for illegal forex traders

Zimbabwe's President ED Mnangagwa has effected a law that will see illegal forex dealers face up to 10years in prison.


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Women's rights groups lobby for female Deputy Mayor for Bulawayo

By Amakhosikazi Media Staff

Women's rights groups and gender activists seem to be pushing for the Bulawayo councillors to appoint a female Deputy Mayor for the city, following the dismissal of Tinashe Kambarami by MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa early this week. 

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Zimbabwe Government to remove duty on sanitary pads.

Zimbabwe's Minister of Finance Mthuli Ncube pledges to remove duty on sanitary pads. 


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The forgotten children


On a typical Monday morning in Harare and other towns in Zimbabwe, the misery of those living with disabilities is evident on road pavements and most street corners where they beg for alms. As people hurry up and down the street, going about their daily tasks, very few notice a blind woman’s escort, begging besides her, clad in her old tattered school uniform and helping her mother beg for coins is 13 year old Ndakaitei Dube (not her real name).

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Know the basics of marriage laws in Zimbabwe

Know the basics of Marriage laws in Zimbabwe


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Bulawayo Commemorates the International Day of the Girl Child through Visual Art

Commemorating the International Day of the Girl Child is important as it brings focus on issues affecting the girl child while also giving stakeholders an opportunity to collectively come up with strategies to empower girls, the Ministry of Women Affairs, Community, Small and Medium Enterprises Development has said.

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Zim economic crisis hitting us hardest: Women

Women have no doubt been the hardest hit by the latest economic downturn facing the country. According to national statistics they make up over 52% of the national population and are the poorest economically making the latest economic developments most negatively impacting on them and their immediate families.

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Zimbabwe Government says it has relaxed maternity leave rules

Zimbabwe Government claims to have relaxed maternity leave policies. 


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Small towns not spared of food shortages

Residents in Zvishavane, mostly women, having spending a lot of their productive time queuing at local supermarkets to buy cooking oil and other scarce and now rationed food stuffs.

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Female cyclist thrives in male dominated sport

GROWING up in the rural areas of Mhondoro, Portia Chitendere faced the tough task of walking 14km everyday to and from St Michaels High School after enrolling for form one at the institution.

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Basic food basket cost shoots up in Zimbabwe

The cost of living has shot up to alarmingly high levels in Zimbabwe leaving many citizens, especially women unable to adequately fend for their families.



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Parly Committee on Finance and Economic Development disappoints

Bulawayo residents have raised concern at the seriousness of Parliament thematic committees after a stakeholder consultative meeting held by the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Finance and Economic Development was abruptly ended shortly after 11am instead of 1pm the scheduled time on mobilisation messages.

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Women's soccer stagnant and lacking support in Zimbabwe

By Lovemore Dube

Women’s soccer is dying a slow death owing to lack of support from the community, business sector or football family, says Trust Kwembeya, founder of Inline Academy, a women’s football club in Bulawayo.

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Women in Mat-North left vulnerable by wildlife attacks

Women are turning out to be some of the most vulnerable in communities closest to game reserves, facing greater risk from contact and conflict with wildlife. Women’s vulnerability stems mainly from cases of poverty and at times their marital statuses which make some of them more susceptible to the impact of wildlife attacks and less able to fully recover or access compensation for losses incurred. This process may actually deepen the vulnerability of women whose economic status is already marginal.

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